ATM Chronicles

Overtime, the bank has been one of my favorite places to go because I love getting money and handling business. At the same time, it’s somewhere I dread going as it deprives me of independence. The weakness in my hands and motor skills cause me to have a difficult time withdrawing money from ATM.

Since I was younger, I always made trips to the bank for my father. He also has a disability (Polio) which causes him to become fatigue when walking far distances.So, I take pride in depositing, withdrawing and doing whatever he needs that apples to our finances. It’s easy to do things such hand over a bank book and deposit/transfer money, it doesn’t involve excessive amount of hand movement. It’s a whole other story when collecting money from ATM. In the past, i would have to stick the card in, then remove it quickly. There were a number of times, the machine didn’t properly read my card and I have to start all over. All I’m trying to do is retrieve my money and go on a little shopping spree. It would’ve so much easier, if I can leave my card in the slot for five minutes then easily take my time. See, I’m the type of person that won’t ask for help unless it’s really my last resort. Trust me when I go to the bank, and see someone withdrawing money I’m quick to ask that person nicely if they can me swipe. In New York City, people can very helpful.. especially if they see someone in a wheelchair struggling. One thing is, you can’t trust every stranger. I believe I can always sense if something is off with someone as a New Yorker.

With the advancement in technology in banks, things have become much easier. I recently visited the bank that I use and it was a great experience. Other banks have been quite advanced before mine with the ability to insert the card and pop right out after reading information. Capital One is one of the first banks I experienced the debit card ejected without having to remove it manually. I fell in love with how easy it looked and continued to wait for the day my back starting to do that. Well, finally my bank has it and rejuvenated my sense of independence. With my father watching my attempt at close range in case I decided i needed help, I was grateful he was there so no one would insist to swipe for me. The ATM prompts me to insert card, then it reads sending me enter PIN and selecting amount. The great part is the whole time…i don’t have to remove the card until after I’m finished. Before it would be difficult to pull the card out quick, now I can master it without any help.

Simple tasks such as using ATM can be a hard thing to complete compared to others. In my mind, it seems like I’m completing but in reality I’m nowhere the finish line.


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