Sidewalk dilemma

Sometime last week I went on my lunch break to get some food from Shake Shack. It took me about 15 minutes to complete my order and head back to the office. As I’m leaving I realize someone has parked their vehicle in front of the curb cut blocking me from getting off the sidewalk. Below is just some thoughts that were going through my head as I try to come up with different solutions to return to work.

Why must the vehicle park there, does it not realize that I need the accommodation?

I mean it’s much easier…right?

Wait maybe if i reverse off the high curb…it shouldn’t be too bad

Hold on…I don’t think that’s a smart idea…hmm

Plenty of things can happen

Like my chair flipping over and the ambulance comes then my chair is left behind 

Well at least the car will be gone by then.

Did the driver ever think a wheelchair might need to get off this curve

Nevermind…they don’t think?

Only thing that comes to their mind is how they could make a quick in and out of the store…

But I need to get back to work before my lunch break is over

Now I have to go all the way down the block to comeback up 

What an inconvenience 

At many times of the day, I face this scenario where a driver’s like to block the few spots that wheelchairs have the ability to get off. It puts a wheelchair user in a dangerous situation in New York City streets, which is a fast paced environment. 


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