Creed’s New Call: SPOILER ALERT

There was no question that I would head to the movie theatres to see the highly anticipated film Creed 2. To witness the boxing match between Adonis Creed and Viktor Drago, son of Ivan Drago who infamously killed Apollo Creed (father of Adonis Creed) in the ring three decades ago sounds to be good to miss out on. To come face to face with the son of the man who killed your father is a battle within itself…but that was not the only thing Adonis had to come to terms with. In the film, Adonis and his girlfriend Bianca had to confront the uncertainty if their daughter would be born with a hearing-impairment that could possibly be passed on from her mother. Certainly, reminded myself of the challenges faced in my life with a mother who passed on her disability. Continue reading “Creed’s New Call: SPOILER ALERT”


It’s always a good time when my cousin from Maryland comes to the New York. She arrives, we party and then she goes home. Now, traveling can be a significant hurdle for her due to inconsistency with the incapability to provide the proper accessibility. To face that every time you’re traveling can be very discouraging to someone with a disability. It makes you want to just stay home and hide from the world. Continue reading “Mega-Bust”

Wheel Access to a Child’s Future

Last weekend. I attended a High School Fair with my cousin, who’s staying with me from the Caribbean. It’s a big change for him and myself as well. From him exploring different options to does the high school have full access for me to attend events or parent/teacher conferences? A parent/guardian shouldn’t have to put their needs before a child but in this case a balance is needed to be able to stay involved for future endeavors. Continue reading “Wheel Access to a Child’s Future”

Kick to the Curb

Yesterday, I experienced something that has occurred way too many times with the E-hail Curb pilot program. It seems to be a continuing issue when a driver hasn’t been notified that they are picking up a passenger with in a wheelchair. The real issue is that I do make sure to request need an accessible vehicle but it shouldn’t feel as if it’s my fault because of miscommunication through the phone application. Continue reading “Kick to the Curb”

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